Pierre Willequet


Born in Brussels, Pierre Willequet is a doctor in Psychology (trained at the Faculty of Psychology in Geneva) and a psychoanalyst (graduated from the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Zurich). He practices in private practice and works in an institution of psychoanalytic orientation with children (from birth to 4 years), accompanied by their parents.

He has written many articles and several books:

The quirk of the dream and its representations (Peter Lang)

The dream, its creativity, its quirks (Georg)

The flight and the link - ten years of activities at the Cerf-Volant (collective work) (Suzanne Hurter)

Mothers and daughters - story of a hold (Le Seuil)

The ego facing the divine - birth of the self and mystical experiences (Slatkine)

Welcoming Parents and Children - Twenty Years of Life at Kite (Collective Work) (Slatkine)

2012: The spiritual emptiness (The Roman Editions)

To parrait in 2016: To betray, to be betrayed (The Martin-Pêcheur)

His career with the Martial Arts began at the age of 11 with the practice of judo in Brussels. Trained in dramatic interpretation at INSAS (National Institute of Performing Arts in Brussels), he is introduced to vocal work, Eutonia, acrobatics and body language. during his studies. At 19, he met Aikido through a pupil of Master Noro and also attended, in 1979, the metamorphosis proposed by Me Noro of Aikido at Kinomichi. Close to Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, he participated in the creation of the Center Dürckheim and Center Mirmande where he taught in the 80s Kinomichi and other bodily approaches (meditation, work on breathing, tone, contact .. .). The first teacher to introduce Kinomichi in Switzerland, he creates an association and helps develop this art of movement on Swiss soil. He is currently responsible for teaching Kinomichi in Switzerland and runs the Geneva dojo. The many internships he has led to Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico and other countries.

Other sports: hiking, swimming
Other centers of interest: writing, reading, cinema, theater.

Eva-Maria Schulte


Eva-Maria is a Shiatsu teacher and practitioner at the ESI Institute (European Institute of Shiatsu) and IKT (Institute for Komplement Therapy), Shiatsu School in Switzerland. Her initial training in Arts and Education led her to teaching at a high school in Germany for thirteen years.

Then she turned to personal development, Shiatsu and Kinomichi, energy and body research she has been teaching for many years. She discovered the teaching of Me Noro in the late seventies and teaches Kinomichi since 1989, in Germany, Switzerland and France.

Before beginning the Kinomichi, Eva-Maria practiced for many years Judo, Tai Chi Chuan and, above all, Aikido, which she practiced and taught while following the teaching of Me Asaï, responsible for the transmission of this art in Germany and great friend of Me Noro.

She continues her continuing education with Me Noro as well as with internationally recognized Shiatsu teachers.

Other martial practices: Judo, Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido

Corinne Diserens


Corinne est enseignante de Français et d’Histoire à l’École de Culture Générale Ella-Maillart à
Genève et passionnée depuis toujours par la culture japonaise.
Elle découvre l’Aïkido en poussant pour la première fois la porte d’un dojo à Lausanne en
1979. Elle y aura une pratique assidue pendant 15 ans tout en se formant par le biais de
stages dans toute l’Europe animés par plusieurs maîtres japonais, en particulier Tada Sensei,
Fujimoto Sensei et Tamura Sensei.
En 1995, elle quitte le monde de l’Aïkido pour rejoindre l’enseignement de Gérald
Personnier, danseur et disciple proche de Hikitsuchi Sensei. C’est le début de l’aventure qui
portera le nom de Kokyunomichi et qui durera 10 ans.
En parallèle elle rencontre Kunio Matsumura avec qui elle partagera un travail avec le Jo
(Tao du bâton).
En 2004, elle rejoint le Kinomichi où la pratique proposée par Noro Sensei lui ouvre de
nouvelles perspectives de recherche.
Aujourd’hui, après avoir ouvert un dojo à Lausanne pendant quelques années, elle poursuit
sa pratique du Kinomichi et enseigne au dojo de Genève.

Gilles Caupenne


Gilles Caupenne was born in 1944, in Château-du-Loir, in Sarthe. His career mainly took place as a social worker in Paris and in the provinces.

His main training courses were: Public Works Manager - D.E.F.A and Direction of Social Enterprises. He also passed the Common Core of the 1st degree State Certificate, in order to be able to teach Kinomichi.

His meeting with Me Noro dates from 1971, when the teaching of Me Noro was still Aikido. Gilles began teaching Aikido then Kinomichi in 1978, in several cities in France and in particular, for many years, in Reims.

He teaches today in Basel and Freiburg. In love with music, he also plays French songs accompanied on guitar.

Other martial practices: Aikido